Do Violent Video Games Cause School Shootings?

This year, in light of the many school shootings in 2018, there has been a great debate about violent video games and whether the violence is appropriate for children and teens.

Personally, I really enjoy video games, I grew up watching my dad play the Street Fighter series and they are some of my best memories, I still play video games to this day and even want to be a competitive e-sports player when I grow up. I’m very passionate about gaming and hearing this topic made me look into it and do more research and came to a conclusion that No, video games are not the root of the problem, but could cause certain problems with the right recipe.

Even though the school shooting I’m going to reference now happened in 1999, it’s still a great example of why I think video games are not the root of the problem. In 1999 April 20th, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris committed the infamous columbine school shooting the main question after this shooting happened the obvious question arised, why? People turned the blame to goth culture, music, and video games and parents, teachers and schools even developed a no tolerance policy on them. I don’t believe that any of these 3 things were the direct source and if they were it would only be small. Eric and Dylan did have mental health issues, the pair were both being bullied and ridiculed in their school which caused them both to have depression regardless of this obvious problem people started blaming games, specifically the video game Doom and Klebolds parents ended up suing Doom but to no avail.

Even though this happened 19 years ago people still blame video games for school shootings and violence when this is obviously not true, people are ignoring the obvious cause. I think the United States needs to do more for mental health awareness whether this be a mental health awareness month or free therapy, we all as a nation need to start seeing that people are not mentally well-even teenagers- and that we need to do something different to help prevent mass shootings to happen.

While I do believe mental health is the root of the problem and video games aren’t to blame as the root, I believe that violent video games, music preaching of harm and murder can have a small influence to teenagers who have poor mental health. While I do believe this is the case, I don’t believe that it’s a problem we should be concerned with and I don’t think that immediate action needs to be taken now, such as banning violent video games, I believe parents should monitor kids video games, talk with them about violence and harming others, and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to take it away from them.

Overall, I think the medias blaming on video games for teen violence is incorrect and unjustified when instead they should be writing more about the awareness of mental health and what we can to to help not only ourselves but others.

Teachers Affecting Bullying in the U.S. Schools

Bullying is a topic well debated about in the United States, but, most of the time, it is not explained by a teacher’s perspective. Teachers are responsible for the welfare of the students, as well as the parents, by law in the United States. Students look up to teachers to help them with any problems that they have, but now, U.S. citizens are thinking otherwise. Teachers have not done enough to help stop bullying from occurring in the first place, however, there are obstacles that are preventing teachers from doing so.

The role of the teacher is to educate students the information that they do not know, but now administrators are trying to get teachers to help in preventing bullying. “53% of teachers and administrators,” say that bullying is a major problem in today’s schools, according to a study conducted in 2013 (Bradshaw, Catherine et al “Social Bullying: Correlates, Consequences, and Prevention”). While they think that bullying is a major problem, they do not do much to try and stop bullying. With all the “bullying interaction that occurs once every 7 minutes” (Morrison, Brenda, Marachi), 25% of “teachers do not see anything wrong with bullying and do not intervene 4% of the time.”(“11 Facts About Bullying”). While teachers and administrators intervene with bullying, there are some problems with talking to the students. Only 30% of male students and 40% of female students will elaborate with a teacher about their problems with bullying by the age of 14 (“11 Facts About Bullying.”). Administrators are told to tell students to encourage informing others about bullying. Teachers are informed to tell students that telling is not tattling. Telling is trying to get someone out of a dispute. Tattling is trying to get someone into a dispute (Morrison & Marachi). Teachers are being informed on how to stop bullying from occurring, but they, also, have another side on the subject: The social side.

Bullying has a big effect on, not only students’ social life but also the teachers’ social life as well. Most teachers have a difficult time communicating with the students, and it must do with the teachers’ ability to figure out where the bullying comes from. While teachers are advised to stop bullying, “in 57% of episodes, peer intervention stops bullying within 10 seconds, regardless of strategy” (“How Parents, Teachers, and Kids Can Take Action to Prevent Bullying.”) While teachers are trying to help students in ending bullying, students would talk to a friend about their bullying problems than a teacher. In a study made in 2012, 82% of female students, and 69% of male students would rather talk to their friends about their problems related to bullying. Compared to 19% of male students, and 9% of female students, who seek teachers for help, it is not a coincidence that teachers are on the downgrade for reaching out to students (Zweig, Dank, Lachman, Yahner).  Most teachers do not ask the student what is wrong with them personally, and when they do, they do not let themselves to be appreciated by the students. While teachers are improving their ability to reacting to bullying faster, they do not fully acknowledge their school’s policies on bullying, and how to intervene. While most teachers know about “their school bullying policies”, less than 50% have received official training on the policies’ guidelines (Bradshaw, Catherine et al “Social Bullying”). In most policies, teachers are encouraged to cooperate with the victim’s parents to help and try to stop the bullying from happening again, and they are, also, encouraged to provide a safe learning environment (“How Parents, Teachers, and Kids). Teachers cannot help students, who are affected by bullying if they are not properly trained on how they can help students with ending the bullying and how they can intervene with the bullies and stop the bullying before it emerges as a bigger threat, like depression or suicide. While teachers are trying to communicate with students on how to try and prevent bullying from happening, they are stopped by one of the biggest obstacles: the ethical perspective.

Teachers want to help parents and administrators to stop bullying, but if they want to prevent bullying, teachers need to remove their beliefs from the picture. According to a study conducted in 2010, 24% of teachers think that how much children weigh is a big problem, while 21% of teachers think that remarks against sex are a big problem in American schools. 19% of teachers think the students’ sexual identity and remarks against students’ ethnicity is a big problem in American schools. 12% of teachers think that disability is a big problem. 6% of teachers believe that remarks against students’ religious status are a big problem (Bradshaw, Catherine et al “Findings from the National Education Association’s Nationwide Study of Bullying: Teachers’ and Education Support Professionals’ Perspectives”).

With these different views, it would make it hard to focus on bullying. Also, while teachers are trying to stop bullying from occurring, teachers are limited to what they are to do and how many students are in the classroom. In a discussion over the web on August 29, 2016, a teacher named Heather said, “Your focus is not necessarily on the other children involved. But, mine must be. There are some things that I cannot say or do for you because I must also protect the other students in my classroom. I cannot tell you anything private about other students… But I am doing every single thing I can do to serve and protect your son or daughter… I will work equally hard to support this student and to provide the interventions needed to help your child manage his or her feelings and needs differently…” (“Bullying: A Teacher’s Perspective.”) What she means by that, while it is her purpose to help out children who are dealing with bullying, she cannot do everything at once, she must focus on the other children of her classroom. Teachers are not capable of keeping up with all of the students’ problems within the 90 minutes. Teachers have done a lot to try and help children with their problems related to bullying, and they are appreciated for their work on helping students find their place in society.

Teachers are needed for more than just teaching kids, they are needed to show kids what is right and what is wrong. While teachers are trying their hardest to try and end bullying before it starts, they are not having much success. Teachers are not reaching out to students and asking if they are all right.  They are not showing themselves as an authoritative figure. Teachers are not helping students with their bullying problems and trying to end bullying once and for all.

Straightforward Tips to Stay on Top of Your Coursework


We’ll wager you’re defeating your minds out trying to figure out some efficient techniques as well as techniques that would certainly help you remain on top of your coursework and also take care of urgent tasks in a more reliable manner. If you’re likewise about to pay someone to do your coursework, make sure to choose just tried and true firms whose online reputation can be verified.

Usage Your University Collection

The collection can supply accessibility to numerous essential resources, such as peer-reviewed write-ups, compilations, records, research studies, reports, and other products you can consult while preparing for your tests or writing an essay. Given that time immemorial, students have been researching in libraries where it’s much less complicated to focus on your studies as well as perform research study at residence. Think about quitting by your college library in between talks from time to time.

Set Due dates. Stay with Schedule

To be on top of your coursework requires that you be very conscientious as well as liable when it comes to conference target dates and also handing in your tasks. Successful understanding suggests writing essays, lugging out-group jobs, getting involved in discussions, and tackling piles of homework. To do it all on time, you should make it a rule not to establish reasonable limits for each particular task at hand.

Checking out in the direction of Writing

Pupils are assigned lots of readings in university. Many trainees think about reviewing and thoroughly evaluating the literature before composing their essays a colossal time-waster and usually finish up dissatisfied with the qualities they get for their tasks. As well as there’s no possibility that you will certainly succeed in your tests or academic composing unless you do the bare minimum.

Request for Assistance

Just like readings, writing support centers as well as office hours throughout which you can check out as well as consult your teachers are set for a factor. There’s nothing criminal with you asking mentors for assistance when you find yourself unable to cope with academic problems on your own. You’ll be surprised to learn precisely how willing some professors are to talk about the topics they are passionate about as well as hand down their expertise to students. Opportunities are they will certainly help you place an end to your fight with a gloomy project.

We’ll bet you’re beating your minds out, trying to figure out some useful methods and also tricks that would certainly help you remain on top of your coursework and also take care of immediate tasks in a more reliable fashion. If you’re likewise about to pay a person to do your coursework, make sure to pick only tried and true business whose online reputation can be confirmed. The collection can give accessibility to countless vital resources, such as peer-reviewed articles, anthologies, files, researches, records, and also various other materials you can get in touch with while preparing for your tests or writing an essay. To be on top of your coursework requires that you be really conscientious and also accountable when it comes to meeting target dates and handing in your projects. The majority of trainees take into consideration reviewing and also extensively assessing the literary works before writing their essays a substantial time-waster and even commonly finish up disgruntled with the grades they obtain for their tasks.

Exactly how to Create a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

When students obtain a task to create a research paper, most of them start to worry. There is absolutely nothing easier when you recognize the crucial point of academic writing, which will certainly offer you a clear picture of what and how you should write to complete your research paper on time as well as in an acceptable manner. Many students do not intend to bother themselves because of being too active in university or part-time jo, so they seek expert creating solutions. By getting term paper, you conserve a lot of time for other important activities. Such services assist in saving precious time when a student needs to concentrate on getting ready for a hard test or another thing. If you desire to find out just how to do it on your own, keep on analysis. This write-up will expose a lot of useful ideas on how to understand the art of writing a university paper. We will certainly concentrate primarily on a thesis statement, which is among the important parts of a successful term paper.

Do you recognize the interpretation of a research paper? It is a usual kind of academic writing, which calls for independent research on a details topic. All the outcomes of your research study ought to be taken into a clever piece of creating. It is one of the most common composed assignments pupils get during their research study. You need to comprehend that a research paper differs a whole lot from an essay. If you want to obtain your term paper sent positively by your teacher, you have to understand exactly how to write a thesis declaration.

Exactly how to Compose a Thesis Declaration properly: Key Points to Comply With

Comprehensive research is the foundation of your term paper. Nonetheless, research study on its own is inadequate. If you do not intend to fail your paper, you need to offer the main ideas and also debates in the thesis declaration. Otherwise, your writing efforts and all the moment will wear. The first thing you teacher will check is your thesis statement, whether it is convincing or rather weak. Did you consist of enough disagreements and also the vital components? Take note of your thesis declaration if you do not intend to obtain your term paper rejected.

You need to begin by choosing numerous subjects for the research. Take your time to make a decision that fits the most effective as well as proceed with your study based upon your topic. While doing your thorough evaluation, you must write down a thesis declaration before you start composing your research paper. This method will assist you make the composting process go quicker and also smoother for you.

We recommend trainees to prepare several choices for their thesis declaration. When you have around six variants, it will be easier to reveal your ideas. Have fun with every one of them and select which one is the most persuading one.

Stay as much focused on the results of your study as feasible. Your whole writing needs to sustain the selected thesis statement. It will certainly help you give current evidence from trustworthy sources. You have to produce a brief outline, which will certainly save you from entering into the block trap.

The thesis statement should be consisted of the primary component of your study paper. It will offer your reader the general instructions on what is going to be revealed in your study paper.

Which thesis statement should you choose: helpful or convincing?

The next essential key is to make use of the ideal kind of your future thesis statement. You ought to understand that there are two primary sorts of thesis statements: convincing and helpful.

If you choose to make use of the informative thesis, you should mention the original purpose/idea to assist your readers towards the suggested results of your study. Pupils that write the persuasive thesis are intended to persuade the viewers of the declaration, which they do.

Final thought

Once you recognize how to write an appropriate thesis statement for your university paper, the remainder of the writing procedure will certainly go smoother. All these elements will undoubtedly create an ultimately created study paper. Do not fail to remember to check instances of right research documents readily available online.

We will undoubtedly focus generally on a thesis declaration, which is one of the vital components of a successful research paper.

If you want to get your study paper submitted positively by your professor, you should recognize how to create a thesis declaration.

In-depth research is the foundation of your research paper. Pay interest to your thesis declaration if you do not desire to get your study paper turned down.

While doing your comprehensive evaluation, you should write down a thesis statement before you begin writing your research paper.

Scholarship Essay Composing Tips

It is real that the procedure of creating a scholarship essay can be made complex — specifically when you recognize how vital it is for your future. Some students are looking for a scholarship essay composing assistance online.

You need to understand that your essay is the magic key to the scholarship application. You need not lose the opportunity to demonstrate your most robust factors.

Listed below, you will find the actions to aid pupils to compose essays:

Read the Prompts for Essays

Almost all academic companies give possible trainees a prompt or a concern. Your scholarship essay is expected to resolve it. You must find out how to read between the lines. Your scholarship essay question has to demonstrate your first rate of interest, background, as well as the experiences you’ve had before. Occasionally, you may be asked to write a scholarship essay on the subject of your choosing. You need to show your capacity and imagination.

Make a Listing of Key Things and also Keywords

Despite the timely, you have to consist of essential info about your actual experiences and even background. This info will assist you in getting the scholarship honor. You can use the goal statement on the company you relate to on the leading web site. You have to circle a few keyword phrases and also include them in your essay. Bear in mind that boards do not wait on only great trainees. They intend to locate a private to fit their organizational objectives.

  • Your previous most natural honors or honors.
  • AP/ college-level training courses.
  • Outdoors programs, internships, as well as various other academic experiences.
  • Does your experience fit the goal of the financing company?
  • Do you have any specialized training/knowledge?
  • How do you conquer obstacles?
  • Compose a Synopsis

You should produce a rundown before you begin writing. Begin with the list of the necessary factors. The most accessible point that you can do is to tell your viewers a tale, which is an efficient means to create your scholarship essay.

Write a Solid Statement

No one claims that your scholarship essay has to start/end with the thesis statement, include it in the message to attach all the specific sections. Your reader will undoubtedly have clear instructions for your scholarship essay.

Complete all the Missing out on Components

Currently, you have finished your thesis statement, an outline, and a list of significant indicate consist of into your scholarship essay, you can start with filling out the missing out on parts of your tale. The primary objective is to capture the attention of the reader. You have to motivate people to continue reading.

Reword and also Revise

If you look at all excellent authors, they reword as well as change their text a couple of times. Create the first draft theoretically, leave your essay for several days, and also come back to it with fresh eyes. You will certainly need to do some edits for web content. Do not fail to remember to check spelling as well as grammar precisely. Composing a draft will assist you in informing your tale most excitingly. Allow another person to read your message

When it is feasible, you can give your scholarship essay to an instructor/ college admissions therapist. They can give you some advice about the college admission process. Otherwise, you can give it to any person who has superb analysis and also writing skills to polish your essay.

Final thought

As soon as you are happy with your scholarship essay draft, you have reviewed it several times and also paid extra attention to the framework, punctuation, as well as grammar, met all the needed factors determined by the scholarship, it is time to await the feedback. If you follow our advice, you have all the opportunities to obtain the learning of your dreams!

The process of composing a scholarship essay can indeed be complicated– especially when you recognize precisely how vital it is for your future. Some trainees are looking for a scholarship essay, creating aid online. Often, you may be asked to create a scholarship essay on the subject of your finding. The most useful thing that you can do is to tell your visitor a tale, which is an efficient means to write your scholarship essay. Now you have completed your thesis declaration, a rundown, and also a checklist of significant points to include in your scholarship essay; you can begin with loading in the missing out on components of your story.


Student Tasks Can Also Teach Life Skills

There is a distinction between classwork and also research, which educates trainees to be responsible as well as establish self-education skills. Lack of assignments will undoubtedly make the knowing abilities of trainees reduced.

After the explanation, all trainees are asked to master the product at the house. Many of the students do not such as homework because they assume that college timings are more than enough for them. If you are a student that does not like projects due to the absence of inspiration or an active routine, you can discover a dependable solution on the web that can compose your project online without any risk for your qualities.

Research is part of the learning process. This is a superb opportunity for a university student to absorb new material they learned in the class with the instructor, as well as to prolong and also practice it correctly. Several data reveal impressive results in college projects. They often tend to boost a student’s discovering capacity. Also, at the same time, they teach trainees such life abilities as goal-setting, analytical, self-education, obligation, self-confidence, interest, organization, delegation, as well as willpower. University tasks impact not only your future job yet your life entirely.

If order to transform your project from being something aggravating to something that inspires you, follow these suggestions that will certainly aid you in dealing with any homework successfully. It is vital to make a comprehensive plan for your college task. You must pick a particular location and also a time framework for your job.

The silver lining of doing research:

Trainees Deepen Comprehending of Topics

When you have to do analysis, you look for added info, you invest a considerable amount of time doing your thorough research study, as well as you begin understanding the subject far better. This is the only means to expand your understanding. Besides, research deepens students’ critical thinking abilities and the capacity to use gained experience in actual adult life situations.

Pupils Boost Time Management Abilities

Never shed your precious time by doing homework. We recommend you to follow this timetable:

Trainees have to learn how to budget their time. Every working day should be routines and also tactical. Students that found out just how to manage spare time successfully always have enough time for various other enjoyable activities like dance or playing numerous video games.

Trainees come to be much more independent

Never miss your chance at university or university. Do not be scared to communicate with your teacher on how to achieve a task effectively. Self-learning is one of the crucial skills students can obtain.

Students improve analytic abilities

University life contains troubles and challenging jobs. By solving research problems, you learn just how to deal with severe life difficulties. For instance, when you create an essay with such concerns as “what would happen if …” you begin to assume even more artistically. You can resolve a problem quicker when you have an option handy.

Pupils learn how to establish concerns correctly

Often, the number is university projects is too big. Trainees must discover exactly how to prioritize significant activities. It is an essential skill for all young people in our active globe. This skill is vital to accomplishing outstanding results in life. If you wish to obtain all university assignments done, start establishing the top priorities! Beginning with placing the worth on a particular college project. Worth its importance. Do it first in case it is vital to have a high-Grade Point Average.

Take Action on an Issue

You will achieve your homework efficiently if you follow these recommendations:

  • Set the prioritize for all your activities,
  • Do a comprehensive study of research materials,
  • Take necessary notes,
  • Follow your instructor’s directions.
  • Fulfill the deadline.
  • Verdict

Take your residence assignments positively. Currently, you understand all the advantages you obtain from finishing college tasks.

The absence of tasks will make the discovering capacities of trainees lower.

Many of the students do not like homework because they believe that college timings are more than enough for them. If you are a student who does not like jobs due to lack of inspiration or an active routine, you can locate a dependable service on the net that can compose your task online without any risk for your grades. They often tend to raise a student’s understanding of capability. Also, at the very same time, they instruct students such life skills as goal-setting, analytical, self-education, obligation, confidence, inquisitiveness, company, delegation, and also willpower. Research deepens students’ essential reasoning abilities and also the ability to use the gotten experience to actual adult life situations.


Exactly how to Create a Research Paper: Arrange Your Concepts

Many of the university students get instant stress and anxiety when they get a task to write a research study paper. In this write-up, we will help you to get rid of your worries as well as finally discover just how to write a correct study paper. Of program, you can do as lots of students – find custom research study papers for sale online.

As a rule, the format of the term paper is standard. Your method of composing might differ. The general assistance varies amongst academic institutions, along with individual teachers. Trainees ought to take notice of the handouts they obtained at college.

What is the distinction between a term paper as well as a study proposition?

A research paper, as well as proposition, are entirely various, although the creating procedure looks the very same. By composing a research paper, you wish to show your academic understanding of a specific topic. A study proposition aims to encourage the target market of the relevance of a particular job.

Digging into the research study

Currently, we need to concentrate on organizing your composing process. It is the first as well as the most critical action. You should assess trust-worthy info resources: Google Scholar, papers, books, on-line resources, and so on

By carrying out an extensive research study, you will benefit in several ways:

  • You will comprehend the subject better.
  • You will undoubtedly formulate the main ideas for your term paper
  • You will quickly establish a thesis statement.
  • You will undoubtedly mention an essential topic with authority.

While reviewing all the information, pupils must make a note. Do not fail to remember to monitor all the referral products. Later you will cite them in the bibliography section.

Arrange your suggestions and ideas before you begin creating a term paper.

At the beginning of your study, you will have loads of ideas. Your paper has to have the primary focus.

The Thesis Statement

One sentence suffices for your thesis statement. You should sum up the substantial factor of the paper. The thesis statement is crucial as it supports the main points of your research paper. Compose the thesis statement when you start arranging your research study. Spend enough time in writing a proper and meaningful thesis declaration. This is the point from which everything flows.

The Outline

The reason we produce an overview is to arrange ideas before creating. After developing the thesis declaration, you have to focus on the bottom lines to support that statement. Avoid including any info, which does not help your thesis declaration straight. Attempt to maintain the emphasis as slim as possible. There is a great deal of interesting information online, but it does not imply that it relates to your term paper.

The Introduction

You need to provide the context for the remainder of your research study paper. Make sure that your composing style is not also completely dry or dull. In this section, you must discuss the function of why you write your study paper.

The Body

Now, you have to locate sufficient sustaining disagreements to describe each key point you have made in your term paper. Start with existing a sharp point, which will certainly be adhered to by an also more powerful one, as well as end up with the best factor.

Final thought

A well-written verdict will undoubtedly wrap up your research study paper. Right here, we advise you to provide the thesis statement when again.

Draft List for Your Research Paper

The process of writing is taxing. Maintain in mind that you need to spare some time to change and modify your draft. You will need to repair typos or add commas.

Writing research papers is simple if you follow our recommendations. Do thorough research, make thoughtful organization, and also pay particular interest to information. Proofread and make adjustments. Do not be afraid to begin. With the method, you will undoubtedly master this skill very quickly.

How To Write A Good Essay

Many students don’t like creating assignments due to absence of experience. Although you do not want to compose essays, it is a significant part of completing your university or university level. The biggest worry nearly all students have regarding composing an essay is exactly how it is feasible to assemble all the information into a solitary piece. Some students describe finding experts for writing essays for a loan, which is the appropriate solution when you have no time to do it on your own. When you make use of such services, you take the chance of nothing. The only point you must do is to analyze the message and also research it effectively before offering it to the teacher for authorization. If you want to understand the art of writing a university essay, follow our ideas and also suggestions to obtain on the right track to compose an excellent text.

When you begin writing your university for the first time, it seems like an enormous difficulty ahead, which appears rather challenging. We understand that as soon as you obtain the task, it has actually to be completed on time. Make sure that you start your creating early sufficient to have time to do the study, revise your message, obtain responses from experts.

Delight in the subject you write about

How do you feel when you receive a task to compose an essay on an entirely open topic? Some sudents think that they are fortunate since they have the freedom to be unbiased as well as innovative. The only problem you might encounter is a free option. Just compose about something you are passionate concerning when you begin waiting. Such a method will help you sufficient inspiration to write an excellent essay.

Research study the significant concepts of your essay

When they have to compose a crucial essay, students have to do in-depth research study. This can be especially challenging at first. We suggest you discover trustworthy resources of information within your discipline to start with your research. Constantly inspect what the leading specialists believe. You can base your own concepts and also thoughts on them. You deserve to express your point of view as lengthy as you can validate your theories! When you do your study, do not neglect to consist of surveys, data evaluation, interviews, and market research.

Arrange your essay writing

Students should be clear regarding the basic framework of your essay kind prior to you begin writing it. You should recognize that almost all essays adhere to the exact same standard structure. It is essential to keep a checklist of all the resources you have utilized to create your college essay.

Request help when required

Do not panic if you can’t complete your writing or you hesitate if you did everything correctly. You can always ask for specialist guidance. Your college or university can give you resources. Never avoid visits with your tutor. This is an outstanding opportunity to discuss your suggestions and ask for comments. You seasoned as well as also expert writers, require tips as well as guidance. Arrange a comfy working space Creating is a very creative procedure. Some students find it a lot easier to work on the team. You can also organize a research group with various other students on your college program.

Do not take your creating project as a concern. When there is something you look onward extremely much, there is a chance that you will certainly finish your essay writing much quicker.