What about physical education and activities?  

We want to include lifelong enjoyment activities into the curriculum that encourage students to remain active into adulthood.    PE needs to be incorporated into the school day and not seen as a once-a-week subject.  With the collaboration between teachers on staff, and with the community involvement, students should have the opportunity to be exposed to a  number of different approaches to life-long ways to stay physically fit.  For example swimming, golf, skiing, jogging, walking, frisbee golf, cross country skiing are activities we hope to integrate.

What is your “charter”?

Our Charter is for a K-8 public enrollment school which emphasizes Science and Technology.

How will funding cuts affect this school?

We do not expect significant funding cuts from government per pupil allocations.  Our operating budget will be as expected.

Is there federal funding being used, not just state?

The State of Nevada has no start-up funding available at this time for Charter Schools.  This means our startup building will be spartan.  We are submitting grant applications to the federal government so we may enhance the facility.

What makes this public charter school different from county schools? 

We will operate under a different board.  We hope to offer a school in which teachers, parents, and the community work together to better empower students for the future.
Our approved charter enables us to utilize materials from the William and Mary curriculum, Royal Fireworks’ Press curriculum for Language Arts, National Gifted Research Center’s M-Cubed curriculum and the National Council of Mathematics Teachers math series.

How will you deal with different learning styles?

Differentiated instruction and the proper use of formative assessments will be incorporated to ensure that students are working at appropriate levels for their academic and social development. Formative assessments are ungraded tools  that the teacher uses to assess prior knowledge before beginning a unit of instruction.

What is the criteria for entrance and remaining at this school?

The criteria is the same as for traditional public school, age.   The school will not be able to accommodate severely disabled children.


Is this school going to be a “last chance” school for delinquent kids?

No.  The school will adhere to their “Policies and Procedures” to address poor behavior.  The school intends to have children so fully engaged that there is no time for delinquent behavior.

I understand math and science will be emphasized but will the kids also have artistic opportunities? 

Artists from the community have already expressed an interest in teaching “workshops”.   The school will take full advantage of these opportunities.

What is your discipline policy going to be?

The discipline policy will need to be a shared vision between all stakeholders.  This policy is a work in progress. To create buy in, some of the issues of discipline will need to be a shared decision.  Discipline only works when the root of the problem is addressed.  The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, over and over, yet expecting different results.  There are many ways of dealing with disciplinary issues, and because our school will be relatively small, with teachers involved at every level, the discipline may look different than previous experiences.

What time does school start and end? 

School starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM.
The school will not bus students to and from school.  The school encourages parents to organize carpooling.  The NEAT Bus may be an option for some families.


Will going to a charter school change anything concerning college? Before? After? During?

The EIAA Charter School is a public school. Records are kept, and transcripts are forwarded as with all public schools.

Transition from 8th to high school? Any foreseen problems?

I see no problems.  Members of the staff have worked as a school counselor in elementary, middle and high school.  Students at EIAA are required by law to take all criterion referenced and proficiency exams. The transition should be smooth.

Are text books provided?



Is the school accredited?

Very few elementary schools are accredited by a third-party organization.  For Elko, on the Northwest Accreditation list, only the high schools are listed.  Our school’s  official recognition of credibility is derived from being subject to State oversight and adhering to Federal standards.